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Strengthening of the National Traumatological Centre


Initiative timeframe: 2006/2016

Total initiative costs

€ 5,150,000.0
Reparted as
  • Loans € 5,000,000.0
  • Grants € 150,000.0

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 10.11.2015


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Albania, Tirana

The initiative foresees the improvement of the Albanian population’s state of health, particularly those suffering from traumas, making more efficient and effective the therapeutic action of the National Trauma Center (NTC), which requires an urgent adaptation and technological upgrade of its specialized health facilities. With this in mind, the program aims at strengthening the NTC as a national pole of reference for the patients affected with traumas through the supply and installation of up-to-date biomedical equipment and furnishings, technical support, maintenance and specialized training in addition to the normal equipment warranty, plus an appropriate amount of consumables. The Albanian Ministry of Health - MoE is responsible of the management of the program with the collaboration of the Italian Development Cooperation in Albania. The initiative is in line with the Albanian National Health strategies and with the Italian Development Cooperation Guidelines 2014-2016 and its Action Plan on Disability. read more close

Main outcome

The specific objective is to make the National Trauma Center’s effective therapeutic action more efficient and improve the prognosis of traumatized patients thus reducing the temporary and permanent disability and related social costs.

Initiative data

Initiative number 008098
Purpose Medical services
Sector I.2.a. Health, General, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Ministry of Health of Albania
Other financiers -


Ministry of Health of Albania National Trauma Center Albanian population (about 3 million people)

A first tender for the supply and installation of biomedical equipment, launched in 2008, was cancelled by the Albanian Ministry of Defense, which was at that time responsible for the National Trauma Centre, due to lack of suitable bidders. In 2012 the authority of the National Trauma Centre passed from the Ministry of Defense to the Albanian Ministry of Health.

The Programme was suspended from 2008 to 2014.

Actions taken

After the establishment of the new Albanian government in 2013, the Albanian Ministry of Health has confirmed the Italian Program for the strengthening of the National Trauma Center as an absolute priority for Albania and requested the extension of the validity of the Programme Bilateral Agreement, granted by MAECI/DGCS until the end of 2015. From November to December 2014, upon request of the Albanian Ministry of Health, MAECI/DGCS has fielded a mission of an Italian biomedical expert to update the 2008 tender documents. In July of 2015 the tender for the equipment supply was launched and the evaluation of the bids received is currently ongoing. The equipment supply is foreseen within the first semester of 2016.


Field missions for technical assistance to the MoH, supervision and monitoring of the Program by MAECI/DGCS.

Status Completed
Type Technical Assistance/Consultancy and related expenses
Procedure Competitive Bidding
Procurement notice Contract awarded

Ministry of Health of Albania

Supply, assembly and installation of medical equipment and furnishings; fixed-term maintenance assistance; supply of hospital consumables and spare parts for biomedical equipment.

Status Planned
Type Works, Supply, Services
Procedure Competitive Bidding
Procurement notice Selection procedure