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Initiative timeframe: 2008/2011

Total initiative costs

€ 2,016,878.4
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 2,016,878.4

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 16.12.2015


100 Complete



Bethlehem governorship (Beit Sahour municipality)

This Centre located in Bethlehem addresses at the local level the issue of gender based violence. It provides support of families, the protection and empowerment of women and children victims of domestic and gender based violence for a period of three years. The activities offer a comprehensive strategy against the domestic violence to women and children, and also include staff capacity building in order to ensure the whole operational sustainability. The grant is being administered by UNIFEM and included in the wider regional strategy for combating gender based violence. Specifically the projects aims are: Protect domestic violence victims from women and children and support them in the reintegration process into society; Increae the respect for women and children human rights. Mehwar Centre is a specialized service that provide protection to women and children violence victimes in Palestine. The Centre was established in Bethlehem and funded by the World Bank of 2,4 million euro from 2001 to 2005. The current funding, channeled through UNIFEM (now UN Women), has instead allowed to consolidate the structure of the center and increase its efficiency by means of technical assistance services provided by Differenza Donna NGO, 28 specialized operators were trained in the period between 2008-2012. The Centre aims to protect and reintegrate women, children and who has been exposed to domestic violence, and increase the awareness of women and children human rights in the Palestinian society. Mehwar has guaranteed protection and empowerment services to women and children who have been victims to domestic violence, providing a temporary shelter for about 3 months on average for every family, psycho-social assistance, vocational training, legal assistance in court, educational services for children, health care and support to the reintegration of women in the society. From 2008 to 2012, Mehwar Centre has provided assistance to 286 women and 79 children. read more close

Main outcome

Protection of domestic violence victims from women and children and support them in the reintegration process into society; Promoting human rights of women and children and increase the respect of the society for them.

Initiative data

Initiative number 008656
Purpose Social/welfare services
Sector Other Social Infrastructure & Services


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority MoSA (Ministry of Social Affairs); Differenza Donna.
Representative -
Other financiers UN-WOMEN


Direct beneficiaries Victims of domestic violence from women and children who have been hosted in the Centre Families recieved help in the Centre Specialized staff, governmental and non-governmental professionals Indirect Beneficiaries Women organizations Students National and local community Civil society

Beneficiaries of which females 100.0%


Status Completed
Type Technical Assistance/Consultancy and related expenses
Procedure Competitive Bidding
Procurement notice Tender preparation