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Initiative timeframe: 2008/2015

Total initiative costs

€ 920,910.0
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 920,910.0


90 Complete




Arrange the necessary measures for the constitution of the Palestinian Arbitration Chamber (PAC); Proceeding with the drafting of the texts relative to the institutive rules of the Arbitration Chamber, to its Edict and to the trial regulation; Support the constitution coherently with the legislation predisposed and accepted beforehand by the Administrative Council and the Directive Structure of the PAC guaranteeing the proper use and taking on professional responsibility; To make available professionalism for the supply of the included services of the PAC through professional training by highly qualified educators; Support for nine months the first functioning PAC headquarters and therefore guaranteeing the start of its activity guaranteeing financial support and assistance for the problems'resolution which may occur during the first period. read more close

Main outcome

Entrusting of the legislation, of the internal regulation and of the PACs Edict to the National Palestinian Authority; Constitution of PAC and election of the relative bodies such as, the directive body constituted in coherence with the legislation predisposed and accepted beforehand; 75 arbitrators and 45 lawyers with the proper professional qualification for the fulfillment of the PACs trial activities are trained; PACs start-up and activities monitored for twelve months and examination of the conditions of self-sustainment of the same on standard.

Initiative data

Initiative number 009010
Purpose Legal and judicial development
Sector I.5.a. Government & Civil Society-general, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority -
Representative -
Other financiers Presidency of the Palestinian National Authority; University of Perugia (Law faculty); IUS - Innovazione Umbria Sviluppo s.r.l., spin-off created by the University of Perugia, Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (ANCI), Sezione Umbria e Associazione dei costruttori (ANCE).


Camere di commercio; Arbitri e gli avvocati; Popolazione locale.

Beneficiaries of which females 50.0%
Title € Committed € Used


Status Completed
Type Technical Assistance/Consultancy and related expenses
Procedure Call for Proposal
Procurement notice Tender preparation