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Initiative timeframe: 2010/2015

Total initiative costs

€ 12,000,000.0
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 12,000,000.0


90 Complete



Shindand district, Herat province The two roads will connect the town of Shindand to the so-called ring-road, the main road that runs "circle" for the entire country by linking maggiorni urban centers.

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The project aims to support the National Rural Access Program in the Western Region of Afghanistan. The national development program NRAP is one of the most successful programs of the Afghan government and made possible the construction of around 10.000 km of roads, creating millions of workdays and connecting hundreds of villages to the roads network. The specific objective of the project is to give an easier and improved access to basic services, goods and markets to the population living in the selected rural areas of the project. The project rehabilitated 36 km of road in the Shindand district, Herat province:12 km of road \ from Shindand city (bazar) to the East up to the ring road, and 24 km from Shindand bazar to the North up to the ring road. Additional activities included:maintenance of of raods and bridges, and the production of feasibility study for the Herat bypass. The project is aligned to the Afghan Government’s development priorities; the NRAP is the National Priority Program n.3 of the Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster. read more close

Main outcome

The specific objective of the project is to provide all-year access to basic services, goods and markets for people living in selected rural areas,,. rehabilitating 36 km of roads in Shindand, District (Herat Province)

Initiative data

Initiative number 009501
Purpose Road transport
Sector Transport & Storage


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan
Other financiers -


Population of the Shindand District served by the roads (around 200.000 people)

Beneficiaries of which females 50.0%
Title € Committed € Used
Project without name 7,000,000 7,000,000
Project without name 5,000,000 2,785,260

Financing proposal prepared by the UTC (Download)

Financing proposal prepared by the UTC of the DGCS, first grant of Euro 7.000.000,00

Date July 19, 2010

Shindand people asked for an improvement to the road within the urban area, with side-ditches and pavements

These structures required a redesign of 1 km-long road and additional funds creating possible funding shortages

Actions taken

The issue was discussed with local representatives (Shura) and works were carried out with savings on the project’s budget, interests on the project funds and transferring resources from another and closed NRAP project.

During works’ execution, one construction company has been targeted by attacks from local criminals.

The attacks undermined the security of the company’s personnel and normal and regular execution of the works. The firm suspended the works for a limited period of time.

Actions taken

Discussions have been held with the local authorities to improve the level of security of the area. The works were then regularly completed.


First grant to UNOPS, year 2010, total amount Euro 5.000.000,00

Status Almost Completed
Type Contributions
Procedure Direct Contracting/Direct Assignment
Procurement notice -


Second grant to UNOPS, year 2011, total amount Euro 7.000.000,00

Status Almost Completed
Type Contributions
Procedure Direct Contracting/Direct Assignment
Procurement notice -