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Somalia-Protection Health Livelihood Interv Refugees Asylum Seekers host comm.ties internally displaced persons Puntland


Initiative timeframe: 2012/2013

Total initiative costs

€ 500,000.0
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Puntland: Bosasso, Galkayo, Garowe

The intervention aspired to address asylum seeking, refugee and IDP communities’ complex needs in Bossaso, Garowe and Galkayo in an integrated way by focusing on their psychosocial wellbeing. By building upon i) partner’s existing expertise ii) lessons learnt during the course of previous years’ project, and iii) needs assessments conducted in the field, the project aims at developing around the followings; A) Facilitate access to integrated psychosocial support services including health care services to respond to refugee and asylum seekers’ health, including mental health needs through: • Conducting psychosocial assessments; • Facilitating clients’ medical screening; • Establishment of medical referral systems within local health facilities, & inter-agency referral mechanisms. B) Assist Gender Based-Violence survivors (refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs) through: • Carrying out awareness campaigns and trainings for communities in order to ensure widespread of knowledge of GBV and strengthen communities’ involvement in both the identification and protection of survivors. • Conducting psychosocial assessments, and facilitate medical referral for survivors in need; • Providing survivors with individual counselling and referral support to other organizations; • Providing vulnerable survivors with vocational skills trainings. C) Support access to livelihood opportunities in order to strengthen the capacity of refugee, asylum seeker and IDP’ communities to reduce vulnerabilities and increase protection through livelihood activities and advocacy. • Facilitating access of IDPs refugee and asylum-seeker to Income Generating Activities; • Facilitating vulnerable beneficiaries’ enrolment in non-formal education programmes and vocational trainings according to their needs to improve livelihood condition of refugees and asylum-seekers; read more close

Main outcome

This project aimed at responding to the needs of asylum seekers and refugees across Puntland by building an integrated psychosocial and protection support framework that develops around the facilitation of access to medical services, education opportunities (understood as formal, non-formal, psycho-social recreational activities, counselling, trainings), providing livelihood opportunities to persons of concern to enhance their self-sufficiency and contribute to solution of medical, educational and other needs of refugees and asylum seekers. An important component that is mainstreamed through the above activities is protection of and assistance to the survivors of GBV incidents. This component also targets IDP population. The project, being implemented by UNHCR Impending Partner NGO GRT, aimed to achieve the following overall objectives throughout Puntland (Bossaso, Garowe, and Galkayo) areas.

Initiative data

Initiative number 009794
Purpose Relief co-ordination; protection and support services
Sector Emergency Response


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
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asylum seeking, refugee and IDP communities

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Project without name 500,000 500,000