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Agriculture development programme in Swat Valley


Initiative timeframe: 2014/2015

Total initiative costs

€ 496,758.0
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 496,758.0


100 Complete



Provincia del Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Distretto di Swat

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The initiative was launched after a direct request from the beneficiary community of the first phase project "Technical assistance and support to small producers of vegetables in Swat Valley (Pakistan) for the improvement of production and marketing in the context of fruit and vegetable industry" (ADP SWAT 1). The Project has further expanded its activity to a group of 300 women by improving their technical skills and making them less economically dependent from their male counterparts. The Project gave also a crucial technical support to the fruit processing centers established during the first phase. The main activities carried out were as follows: Training Courses on growing out season vegetables, nursery techniques and cultivation of mushrooms; Training courses for 300 women on poultry breeding (chickens and quails), non-timber forest products, agribusiness and marketing; Technical assistance to farmers by the local extensionists and international consultants; Provision of agricultural inputs and means of production; Transplanting of fruit orchards in marginal areas and cultivation of out season vegetables in hilly areas; Supply of kits for mushroom cultivation and technical assistance from local agronomists and researchers; Support to the marketing of products. read more close

Main outcome

Improving the living conditions of the households involved in the initiative, especially the tehsil of Madyan (north of the Swat Valley – KP) both for the female and the male component

Initiative data

Initiative number 009934
Purpose Agricultural policy & admin. mgmt
Sector III.1.a. Agriculture, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Economic Affair Division; Agriculture, livestock & cooperation department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Representative -
Other financiers -


small and medium farmers organized in private and public partnership called (FSC).

Beneficiaries of which females 25.0%
Title € Committed € Used
Agriculture development Programme in Swat Valley -Phase II 496,760 496,760