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Iniziativa di emergenza a supporto della popolazione vulnerabile palestinese residente nella Striscia di Gaza nella West Bank (Are


Initiative timeframe: 2013/2014

Total initiative costs

€ 1,500,000.0
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 1,500,000.0

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 24.11.2015


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Three areas of Gaza (Beit Laya, Jabalia, Deir Balah, Khan Yunis, Um al Nasser) Area C East Jerusalem.

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The AID 10042 programme “Emergency initiatives in support of vulnerable Palestinians in the Gaza strip and West Bank (Area C) and East Jerusalem” was approved in decision n. 109/2013 and started officially in November 2013, for the duration of 12 months. The total cost of the programme is of € 1.500.000, of which approximately 1.200.000 will be given to NGO projects in the three areas of Gaza, Area C and East Jerusalem. This initiative aims to strengthen the resilience capacity of the Palestinian population living in chronic emergency conditions in Gaza, East Jerusalem and Area C of West Bank, through the provision of basic social and health services. The sectors of intervention of the programme include: water, health, protection of vulnerable groups. read more close

Main outcome

The projects implemented by Italian NGOs (law 80/2005 and related procedures) involves: GVC (8 months): building the wastewater system and connecting 165 refugee families in the central and southern part of Gaza. Aim: prevent further deterioration of hygienic and health conditions of highly vulnerable communities, through connection to the sewage system; CISP (5 months): distribution of water in the most marginalised areas of the Jordan Valley (Area C). Aim: Respond to the water emergency of the most vulnerable families with reduced access to drinking water. CESVI (8 months): building hygienic, sanitary and water structures in the south of Area C. Aim: improve access to water and reduce hygiene and environmental risks in the Bedouin communities south of Hebron in Area C; OVERSEAS (7 months): extension of the water distribution network for farmers and Bedouins living in the Jordan Valley. Aim: ensure access to water for families of farmers and shepherds in the district of Tubas (Area C); DIS-VI (6 months): provision of basic and specialist healthcare services through mobile clinics in the south of Area C. Aim: increase access to basic healthcare for Bedouin communities of the southern Hebron district; Terre des Hommes (6 months): strengthening emergency psychological aid service and healthcare for children in Gaza. Aim: improve the quality of psycho-social and healthcare assistance for the most vulnerable children and their families in the Governorates of North Gaza and Khan Younis; Vento di Terra (7 months): establishment of a nutritional service for Bedouin children and their families attending the Child Centre of Um al Nasser in Gaza. Aim: implement a nutritional service and spread basic socio-health practices among Bedouin children in Um al Nasser, Gaza; CISS (8 months): activation of a psychological and psycho-social support programme for overcoming PTSD symptoms. Aim: activation of adequate support services in health centres, hospitals, and home-based care for the psycho-social health of minors at risk and their families in the north of Gaza; AISPO (6 months): establishment of a support system for disabled children victims of violence and abuse in East Jerusalem and Area C. Aim: ensure the protection and inclusion of minors, especially minors with disability, victims of violence or affected by PTSD in the areas of East Jerusalem, and South Hebron.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010042
Purpose Material relief assistance and services
Sector Emergency Response


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority -
Representative -
Other financiers -


Gaza Direct beneficiaries: marginalized categories (minors, women and people with health problems): 7.000 people Indirect beneficiaries: 500.000 people living in the areas involved by the project Area C Direct beneficiaries: bedouin communities (minors, women and people with health problems) 5.000 people Indirect beneficiaries: 50.000 people belonging to the bedouin communities involved in the program East Jerusalem Direct beneficiaries: inhabitants of the Silwan neighborhood and in the Old City of Jerusalem (arab-muslim quarter) 5.000 people Indirect beneficiaries: 150.000 people living in the Silwan neighborhood and in the Old City of Jerusalem (arab-muslim quarter)

Beneficiaries of which females 50.0%


Status Completed
Type Technical Assistance/Consultancy and related expenses
Procedure Call for Proposal
Procurement notice Tender preparation