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Promotion of small-scale fishing river in the districts of Mopeia and Morrumbala-Mozambique


Initiative timeframe: 2013/2017

Total initiative costs

€ 519,453.0
Reparted as
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  • Grants € 519,453.0

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 12.11.2015


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Zambezia Province, Mopeia and Morrumbala Districts

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The project envisages the promotion of the small-scale river fishery sector in Zambezia Province, Mozambique, with the goal of improving the economic conditions of fishers and their families. Following the Guidelines on Agriculture and Food Security of the Italian Cooperation, as well as the national sector development plans and policies which have been elaborated by the Government of Mozambique, the project aims at improving the economic conditions of 31.860 beneficiaries including fishers, fish traders and their families in Mopeia and Morrumbala Districts, through a) improving fish sector management at the level of community organisations, b) promoting fishery sustainable exploitation, and c) enhancing fish commercialization. All activities are informed by environmental protection and sustainability, with the aim of ensuring that resources are used in a rational fashion and securing the conservation of water biodiversity, and by gender equality promotion. read more close

Main outcome

Improving small-scale river fishery in Mopeia and Morrumbala Districts, benefitting 4050 people throughout 3 years

Initiative data

Initiative number 010141
Purpose Fishery development
Sector III.1.c. Fishing, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority IDPPE (Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Pesca de Pequena Escala)
Other financiers Contribute NGO 199480.00


Direct beneficiaries 4050, indirect beneficiaries 31860

Beneficiaries of which females 50.0%

Floods in Zambezi and Shire rivers, since the second decade of January 2015

Several major roads were interrupted because of landslides and bridges fallen apart: this resulted in the isolation of the localities of Posto Chire (Morrumbala) and Posto Campo (Mopeia) and in the impossibility of implementing any training activity in the fishery centres. Two thirds of the fishery centres cannot be reached via road since the second decade of January. Possible delays are foreseen (3-6 months), particularly concerning training activities in boat construction, fishing techniques, fish transformation and commercialisation.

Actions taken

No viable action before roads are rehabilitated.

The Local Government of Mopeia District built the fish market without envisaging some room for installing ice-making machines.

Delay in procurement and possible delay of machine installation (already been commissioned to a company in Maputo). Possible additional costs due to the construction of the new stage, which is pivotal.

Actions taken

A written request for sent to the Regional Directorate for Fishery and to partner IDPPE in order to secure resources for completing works. Meetings are being organized with local authorities in Mopeia District.


Status -
Type Works, Supply, Services
Procedure Call for Proposal
Procurement notice Tender preparation