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Small hydroelectric plants for the adaptation to climate change


Initiative timeframe: 2013/2017

Total initiative costs

€ 1,308,169.6
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 1,308,169.6

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 5.11.2015


50 Complete



Municipalities of La Asunta, Villa Tunari, Pelechuco, Guanay, Apolo, Ixiamas, Inquisivi, Incahuasi

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‘Small hydroelectric plants for the adaptation to climate change’ is a three-year project whose direct beneficiaries are 990 families that is going to indirectly benefit 6.650 people. The project is aimed at solving many problems caused by a severe lack of access to electrical energy in several areas of the country in terms of health, education, communication, production and use of natural resources by easing a fair and inclusive access to electricity from renewable energy sources, also contributing to mitigate climate change and boosting women’s participation in productive activities. ACRA and GVC are the Italian NGOs executing the initiative, jointly with an Integral Center for the Development of Alternative Energy (PRODENER) as local counterpart as well as in collaboration with other important Bolivian institutions such as UMSA University. read more close

Main outcome

Promoting the communitarian management model for micro hydroelectric plants designed for 990 families living in rural areas in Departments of La Paz, Cochabamba and Chuquisaca.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010148
Purpose Hydro-electric power plants
Sector Energy


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Electricity and Alternative Energy Vice Ministry and local Governments of the following Municipalities: Apolo, La Asunta, Pelechuco, Villa Tunari, Pelechuco, Irupana, Cocapata e Totora
Other financiers € 515200.00 (ACRA-CCS Foundation and local partners)


Direct beneficiaries: 990 families (about 4.950 people); Indirect beneficiaries: 1.330 families (6.650 people approximately).

Beneficiaries of which females 56.0%
Title € Committed € Used
Small hydroelectric plants for the adaptation to climate change 1,200,170 742,079

Delay Notification (Download)


Date March 12, 2015

Project document (Download)

Project document presented by the NGO in response to a public call for proposal in order to receive a grant.

Date June 17, 2013

In February 2015, a landslide made 1 km of the road connecting Charazani to Apolo impracticable, thus making it impossible to reach the communities of Sorapata, Queara e Mojos where a preparatory work for the project baseline was in progress

By the moment, this event does not entail any delay in the project execution, as activities to be carried out in that communities are scheduled in the 2nd and 3rd year of the project.

Actions taken

To be decided.

In February 2015, a landslide made a stretch of the road connecting La Paz to the Yungas Region impracticable, next to the small town of San Cristobal.

Heavy vehicles transit to Las Mercedes, in the Municipality of La Asunta has been suspended until the rainy season ends, thus making it impossible to carry on the micro plant construction.

Actions taken

To be decided.

In February 2015, due to heavy rain, San Pedrito bridge over Cristal Mayu river collapsed. That bridge connected Cochabamba City and Villa Tunari, thus allowing to reach the community of El Palmar where a micro plant is under construction.

The Bolivian National Roads Authority (Administradora Boliviana de Carreteras), declared that a temporary metallic bridge is going to be constructed, but heavy vehicles are not going to be allowed to transit a through it. Consequently, works in the community of El Palmar have been interrupted, as it is not possible to truck the building material and power units necessary for the construction of the plant.

Actions taken

To be decided.


Status Ongoing
Type Works, Supply, Services
Procedure Call for Proposal
Procurement notice Tender preparation