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Improve access to clean water, sanitation and primary health services quality in Isiolo County, Merti, Isiolo.


Initiative timeframe: 2013/2017

Total initiative costs

€ 1,291,219.2
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 1,291,219.2

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 11.11.2015


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Isiolo County, Merti, Isiolo and Garbatulla Sub/Counties

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The initiative from the Italian NGOs LVIA and CCM aims at supporting the local authorities in increasing the access to safe water and sanitation services and promoting health-seeking behaviors among the communities of the three sub-counties of Isiolo County (Isiolo, Merti and Garbatulla). The WASH related activities include mainly water sources rehabilitation, including the strengthening and creation of existing/new Wruas (Water Resources Users Associations), rain water harvesting systems and latrines construction in selected schools and health facilities. Health services are strengthened through the provision of drugs, equipment, trainings and continuous technical assistance to the staff of 15 primary health care facilities. Sensitization activities address both specific targets (i.e. students, mothers, community leaders, etc.) and the community at large, through the organization of campaigns and dedicated events. The proposal draws inspiration from pivotal policy and strategy documents elaborated by the GoK, such as the Kenya Water Act (2002), the Vision 2030, the NWSS (2012-15), the CIDP (2013-17), the WRMA SP (2012-17), Kenya Health Policies (2012-2030) and KEP (Kenya Essential Package for Health). The project is in line with the Guidelines for Italian Cooperation (2013-2015), focusing on some cross cutting issues: environment protection, MCH promotion, women empowerment, vulnerable group protection (under 5, pregnant and lactating women). read more close

Main outcome

To improve the life conditions of the pastoral communities living in Isiolo County, improving the continuous and sustainable access to clean water and existing hygiene facilities in the three Sub-Counties of Garbatulla, Merti and Isiolo

Initiative data

Initiative number 010191
Purpose Basic health infrastructure
Sector I.2.b. Basic Health, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority WRMA (Water Resources Management Authority) and ICHD (Isiolo County Health Department)
Representative -
Other financiers LVIA, contribution NGO: 507180.0


Direct beneficiaries: 55309 persons (40% of the total population), divided as follows: - 7250 pupils (30% girls), - 10000 persons (2000 households) - 30750 children <5 - 7309 women Indirect beneficiaries: 114560 persons (80% of the total population).

Beneficiaries of which females 30.0%

Lack of coordination between stakeholders at a local level

Time and financial/human resources wasted when, once identified a location to target for intervention, it was found out that other Ngos/Government were already carrying out similar activities in these communities/facilities/schools

Actions taken

Improve coordination with NGOs working in the area, frequent meetings with Government Agencies/Ministries, constant contacts with communities

Risk of aid dependence

Every time an activity was organized, many issues were raised on per diems/allowances to be paid for community participation

Actions taken

Meetings to clarify the nature of cooperation (two parties helping each other), community participation for both sustainability and limited budget

Logistic obstacles (i.e. long procurement processes, low accessibility of remote locations during the rainy season, etc.)

The smooth respect of the work plan was hindered

Actions taken

Frequent meetings with suppliers/tenderers, constant work plan and time table revisions

On-going devolution process where roles and responsibilities are not yet clearly defined

Some delays at the initial stage trying to understand the focal points of the new County strategies

Actions taken

Problem partially addressed by the Government of Kenya

Continuous depreciation of hard currency (euro) against local Kenya Schilling

Negative impact on project costs and budget forecast

Actions taken

Budget revision, costs reduction