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Mangrove: improvement of rice growing from mangrove and protection of the mangrove trees in the region of Cacheu, Oio, Tombali and Bolama-Bijagos.


Total initiative costs

€ 858,580.0
Reparted as
  • Loans -
  • Grants € 858,580.0

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 30.11.2015


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Guinea Bissau, regions of Cacheu, Oio, Tombali and Bolama-Bijagos.

Main outcome

The mangrove forests of three National Parks are monitored and preserved. The biodiversity of local varieties of rice is preserved and valued. An economically productive and ecologically sustainable use of paddy. The facilities, public and private, are strengthened at the technical, organizational, institutional, economic and financial level.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010308
Purpose Agricultural development
Sector III.1.a. Agriculture, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority IBAP
Representative -
Other financiers INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY OF LAY VOLOUNTEERS, NGO: 173180.0 Other Contributions: 171670.0


Directs: 4 cooperatives, 1660 rice growers, 15 villages, INPA, the staff of 3 National Parks ("Matas de Cantanhez", "Parque natural do rio dos tarrafes Cacheu", "Parque Nacional marinho João Vieira Poilão"). The indirect beneficiaries are represented by the inhabitants of the four policy areas (40000 inhabitants) and the four Regional Directorates of Agriculture (DRA).