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MED NET Civil Society and Media Development


Total initiative costs

€ 250,281.0
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  • Grants € 250,281.0

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Country of creation Egypt (regional project with actions in Tunisia, Morocco and Palestine) Region of realization Egypt: Cairo and Giza governorates In other countries: Governorate of Sidi Bouzid, Gafsa and Tunis (Tunisia); Governorate of Ramallah (Palestine); Tangier-Tetouan (Morocco)

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Main outcome

The project aims to support the calls for democratization of the country from the involvement of civil society and legislative reforms that are currently being undertaken. T5 - IN COOPERATION WITH THE PRIVATE SECTOR, MAKE AVAILABLE THE BENEFITS OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES - ESPECIALLY INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES. MDG num.8 - DEVELOP A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010338
Purpose Radio/television/print media
Sector Communications


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (ESCAPE); In other countries: Association Liberté et Développement (ALD) in Tunisia; Palestinian Youth Union (Pyu) in Palestine; Red Chabaka in Morocco; AMARC
Representative -
Other financiers Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries - COSPE: 750844.0


Direct beneficiaries are 40 organizations in the four countries (10 in Egypt) for human rights, women's rights, civil rights, coalitions of CSOs and independent media and 20 new organizations of women and young people (5 in Egypt) active at the local level, a total of about 1000 (250 in Egypt) direct participants in the activities of the project, of which at least 50% women. Indirect beneficiaries participating organizations target about 4000 (1000 in Egypt) and the estimated 2 million (500000 in Egypt) users reached by campaigns and actions of communication, information and media productions.