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Women, Environment and communitaria Forests for the food safety in Rakhine.


Total initiative costs

€ 1,151,970.0
Reparted as
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  • Grants € 1,151,970.0

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 13.11.2015


25 Complete



Region of realization Rakhine State Cities of construction Thandwe District - Counties of Gwa and Thandwe

Main outcome

Improved environmental awareness and food security; Favored rural development; Improved management of forest resources.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010581
Purpose Food crop production
Sector III.1.a. Agriculture, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority RCA – Rakhine Coastal Region Conservation Association
Representative -
Other financiers Oikos Institute: 257500.0 Local agencies contribution: 204800.0


Direct beneficiaries: - 64 schools for a total of about 5200 students 420 teachers; - 33000 inhabitants of 29 villages; - 10 micro-enterprises (300 families), at least formed by the 50% of women; - 11 user groups that manage community forests, for a total of about 400 families whose livelihood depends from these resources; - 90 representatives of community organizations existing in the area (50% women); - 90 representatives of local authorities (50% women). Final beneficiaries: - 200000 inhabitants of rural villages in the counties of Gwa and Thandwe, that will benefit from new economic opportunities, improvement of environmental conditions and access to food. In Italy: - 250 students and 10 teachers in Lombardy and Lazio involved in the production of short videos on the concept of food sovereignty and 750 participants in the three open lectures.