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Universal and equitable access to quality health services, to meet the health needs of women and children from the Liben Zone.


Total initiative costs

€ 1,358,324.49
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  • Grants € 1,358,324.49

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 10.11.2015


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Region of realization Somali Region City Districts of realization of Filtu and Dekasuftu (Liben zone)

Main outcome

The services of maternal and child health and reproductive health have improved for the benefit of the entire population of the districts of Filtu and Dekasuftu, without discrimination and with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups (pregnant women, women of reproductive age and children, displaced people and pastoralists). The health coverage of integrated maternal and child health and reproductive extended by strengthening the reference system and the active involvement of the community. Local health officials are trained and able to plan, manage and supervise the services provided by the Health Facilities (HF).

Initiative data

Initiative number 010595
Purpose Basic health care
Sector I.2.b. Basic Health, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Dekasuftu Woreda Health Office (Dekasuftu WoHO); Filtu Woreda Health Office (Filtu WoHO)
Representative -
Other financiers Contribution NGO, CCM - COMMITTEE OF MEDICAL COLLABORATION: 330824.66 Other contributions, local authorities: 263396.0


91943 direct beneficiaries including women, pregnant women and assisted during and after pregnancy, and children under 5 years of age, community members aware of maternal and child health and reproductive health, educated families in maternal and child health and reproductive health. The indirect beneficiaries are 188922 (total population of Filtu and Dekasuftu, including displaced people living in the area).

Beneficiaries of which females 55.0%