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Integrated program of family support and community to protect the rights of protection, education and participation of girls and vulnerable children of the suburbs of Nairobi's Kibera and Riruta.


Total initiative costs

€ 473,598.3
Reparted as
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  • Grants € 473,598.3

Dati finanziari aggiornati al 11.11.2015


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Nairobi Province, Nairobi

Main outcome

Children and young people in situations of serious vulnerabilities benefit from access to the protection path (contact, first reception and recovery) at three rescue centers in Kibera and Riruta; The guys are re-homed and families are involved and accompanied by effective programs of prevention of abandonment and reintegration of children.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010602
Purpose Human rights
Sector I.5.a. Government & Civil Society-general, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Koinonia Community Registered Trustees
Representative -
Other financiers AMANI, Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility: 187570


Direct beneficiaries: - Street children, about 500, under 14, under conditions of neglect, severe vulnerabilities or victims of physical violence / gender, and Kibera slum Riruta, identified and contacted by the operators of the project, in collaboration with the Children Officers government; - 150 disabled children in Kibera / Riruta; - 150 families; - Teenagers street: 100 boys aged 14/18 (output from the residential facilities of Koinonia participate in courses on life skills and receiving support from the start of business activities; - 1500 children of at least 4 elementary schools of the two slums benefiting awareness campaign on children's rights and access to the activities of the Children Club; - School teachers target, project workers, children of local police officers and agents benefit from the training courses. Indirect beneficiaries: - All children living in families program (an average of 4 children / family: about 600 children); - Children of all schools participating in interscholastic activities for child protection (About 3000); - Adults who participate in public initiatives (estimate: 5000) or achieved by the social communication campaign.