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Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Health


Total initiative costs

€ 557,960.0
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La Paz

Main outcome

This program tends to achieve three results: R1. Improved Mental Health and Addiction Area capacity of the Ministry of Health in the prevention and treatment of people addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. R.2. Improved and updated care capacity Unit for Disabilities of the Ministry of Health. R.3. Enhanced the General Direction for public health insurance in conducting of implementation process of the National Health System - SUS.

Initiative data

Initiative number 010706
Purpose Health policy & admin. management
Sector I.2.a. Health, General, Total


Agency MAE - Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Counterpart authority Ministry of Health
Other financiers -


Direct beneficiaries are the different management units of the Ministry of Health and the technicians who work in these operating units (General Direction for Health and public insurance and the Unit of Mental Health and Disability). The indirect beneficiaries. The program in question relates to specific issues such as disability and dependence, in the first case disabled people number is around 53,000, which will benefit through the tools developed and offered by the Ministry of Health. The person addicted to psychotropic substances are approximately 3,000, who will be the beneficiaries of public policies developed by the program. The initiative will take place also in the issues of prevention and promotion, and in supporting the NHS, therefore could be regarded the entire Bolivian population as a beneficiary of the initiative, a number of people to about 10,000.