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agua sana - sud yungas: improvement of water supplying public health and health prevention


€ 1,277,027
€ 1,270,350


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Channel reported



Aim of the project is to improve water supplying public health and health prevention conditions in order to ameliorate life conditions of local population. This project has provided a structured and sustainable support to the overall improvement of health conditions for the vast majority (over 30,000 people) of South Yungas Province population through an integrated three main priorities, focused on training and upgrading of municipal technical offices, the local production of the tools and materials needed for efficient and sustainable infrastructure and the active participation of the beneficiary population, with special emphasis on the sensitive school population from 6 to 18 years. AXIS No. 1 technical and scientific assistance to municipalities and consolidation of stable organizational forms. AXIS No. 2: Water works and integrated water cycle. Self-managed production on-site plumbing and construction materials required. Techniques and technologies AXIS No. 3: Medical School, Education, Information and Communication. read more close

Year Committed Used
2013 - € 122,500
2012 - € 276,090
2011 - € 438,338
2010 € 395,814 -
2009 € 447,791 -
2008 € 433,422 € 433,422

Project data

  • Expected start date 29/05/2008
  • CRSID2010080254
  • Purpose Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
  • Finance type Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
  • Flow type Official Development Assistance
  • Bi/Multilateral Bilateral
  • Investment Project