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€ 861,800
€ 861,800


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Channel reported

Central government


This initiative aims to ensure the fulfillment of the commitments made at the international level by Italy as part of the Paris Declaration of 2005 on Aid Effectiveness, the Accra Agenda 2008 and Busan Agenda in 2011. In particular, the initiative aims to liaise with the international donor community and the European Commission in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia and Uganda in accordance to the international principles on the aid effectiveness and the program guidelines of the Italian Cooperation, for the years 2014 -2016. Among the activities are expected: the constant technical assistance to the counterparts in the implementation of the policies on aid effectiveness; the participation at the coordination tables with the government and other donors; the production of reports assessment on the state of alignment and effectiveness of the interventions in the receiving countries; the formulation of guidelines on possible methods of support in line with the criteria and the references procedures; sectoral studies and research aimed to elaborate country programs and joint strategies to combat poverty; the promotion of an active role of the Italian Cooperation in the activities planning within the EU. read more close

Year Committed Used
2015 € 167,900 € 167,900
2014 € 167,900 € 167,900
2012 € 162,000 € 162,000
2011 € 164,000 € 164,000
2010 € 200,000 € 200,000

Project data

  • Expected start date 06/06/2010
  • CRSID2010001945
  • Purpose Public sector policy and adm. management
  • Finance type Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
  • Flow type Official Development Assistance
  • Bi/Multilateral Bilateral
  • Free Standing Technical Cooperation