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progr. di ris. ambientale


€ 1,752,000
€ 1,000,000


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Channel reported



The first component aims at the construction of Nhacangara Dam, to contribute to the regulation of water flows in the Pungue River especially during the dry season, increase the volume of water supply to the City of Beira (the second largest with more than 500.000 populations) and sugar farming area in Mafambisse (Sofala Province), eliminating the problems of low flows and salt water intrusion at the Pungue estuary and promote agricultural activities through irrigation of low areas of Nyazonia(Manica Province) and Mafambisse. The second component aims at the construction and rehabilitation of the storm water drainage system for neighbourhoods of PolanaCaniço e Maxaquene, in Maputo City, to minimize the negative impact of flooding in the area, reduce the erosion caused by poor drainage and urban sprawl, significantly improve storm water drainage, sanitation and environmental conditions, thus minimizing the incidence of water borne diseases. Institutional framework  U.N. Millennium Development Goals – Goal 7, Target 3, Target 4.  PARPA I, II (Action Plan for the Reduction of Absolute Poverty) of the Government of Mozambique;  OECD / DAC purpose codes: 14021 - Water supply / large systems, 14040 – River basins development; 14050 – Waste management / disposal read more close

Year Committed Used
2012 - € 600,000
2010 € 752,000 -
2009 € 600,000 -
2008 € 400,000 € 400,000

Project data

  • Expected start date 04/08/2008
  • CRSID2010080218
  • Purpose Water resources policy/admin. mgmt
  • Finance type Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
  • Flow type ODA Grants
  • Bi/Multilateral Bilateral