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€ 49,715
€ 49,715


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Channel reported

Central government


The project "Clean water and sanitation for the rural community of Niamone" aimed to promote sustainable access to safe drinking water and health facilities of public health of the population of the rural community of Niamone, District Tenghory. The initiative was part of the context of integrated management of water resources and within the general framework of the rehabilitation process following the regional conflict in Casamance. The project was implemented through four lines of action: the construction of water infrastructure; the construction of sanitation infrastructure; the implementation of activities aimed at the knowledge of the population on the benefits arising from the consumption of drinking water, the basic principles of hygiene and waterborne diseases; the realization of activities dedicated to the proper management of water resources and in compliance with the gender dynamics. The initiative has helped to ensure access to safe drinking water to about 9,313 beneficiaries through the construction of the aqueduct of Niamone (hydraulic network of over 100 km with 811 taps with individual meter) and to provide sanitation autonomous to 7,987 inhabitants (567 modern latrines with structure for hand washing). The effects derived from the implementation of the project activities have involved three main aspects: the socio-cultural, economico-financial and institutional. Per regarding the socio cultural, whose backbone is represented by the role of women, the presence of a tap to 'interior of each grant has helped to redefine the times and priorities in every day life, increasing the degree of awareness on the benefits arising from the use of drinking water and in general has allowed a significant improvement in the quality of village life. On the institutional side, the strong involvement of local communities in the management of water services is translated into a number of actions in support dele project activities, what has increased their 'credibility and professionalism in the field, coming closer the interests of rural services to the authorities central often distant and not very present in the contexts of the village. Finally, the improvement in terms of economic and financial water service has been guaranteed by the formations that have affected the members of the executive ASUFOR, user associations aqueduct. In this sense, the important goal achieved led strengthening the link between services and users, the latter co-responsible for the proper functioning of the aqueduct through the regular payment of bills and their involvement in the regular meetings of ASUFOR. The project "Clean water and sanitation for the rural community of Niamone" is part of the integrated framework PEPAM TENGHORY that ACRA-CCS is conducting together with the Urban Community of Cherbourg (CUC), in partnership with the Ministry of Hydraulics Senegalese, and has ensured the consistency and continuity necessary to ensure adequate water supply services and sanitation in rural areas of the South of Senegal. This program is based on the promotion of health through the expansion of access to water and sanitation, priority areas of the Stratégie Nationale de Développement Economique et Social (SNDES) 2013-2017. The program, repeatedly accredited institutional initiative as significant under the guidelines relating to the National Strategic Water & Sanitation National Plan. Assistance under the program PEPAM Tenghory far realized by ACRA-CCS and its partners, with funding from the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of '' Agence de l'Eau Seine-Normandie, reached and exceeded the national targets of the millennium in access to drinking water and basic sanitation. The project "Clean water and sanitation for the rural community of Niamone" corresponded to international bodies, national and local needs, in its implementation stage what has been demonstrated by the involvement of the actors on multiple levels allowing the initiative a great degree of success. read more close

Year Committed Used
2015 € 4,360 € 4,360
2014 € 16,160 € 16,160
2013 € 9,790 € 9,790
2012 € 11,140 € 11,140
2011 € 8,265 € 8,265

Project data

  • Expected start date 07/11/2011
  • CRSID2011001105
  • Purpose Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
  • Finance type Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
  • Flow type Official Development Assistance
  • Bi/Multilateral Bilateral
  • Free Standing Technical Cooperation