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Ethiopia-MDG FUND Italian contribution 2013-2015. - Financing to recipient government institutions


€ 7,000,000
€ 7,000,000


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Channel reported



The goal of this program is to improve the health status of the Ethiopian population through participation in a multi-donor fund called MDG fund. The execution of activities relating to the MDG Fund is entrusted to the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia (FMoH). This programme goes in the direction of a growing array of multi-donor funds for sectoral support and includes the strengthening of Health Management Information System (HMIS). The Italian Cooperation also contributes, through its technical assistance, to the development of human resources in the health sector (HRD) and improving the quality of basic health services. read more close

Year Committed Used
2016 - € 1,500,000
2015 € 1,500,000 € 2,500,000
2014 € 2,500,000 € 3,000,000
2013 € 3,000,000 -

Project data

  • Expected start date 31/12/2012
  • CRSID2013000177
  • Purpose I.2.a. Health, General, Total
  • Finance type Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
  • Flow type ODA Grants
  • Bi/Multilateral Bilateral
  • Programme Based Approaches