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Improvement of agricultural production and of food security in the district of Saba Boru, Oromia, Ethiopia.


€ 964,471
€ 956,675


Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (DGCS until 2015)

Channel reported



The project aims at strengthening the productive capacities and knowledge of smallholder farmers and their organisations, by promoting access to agricultural inputs and technologies as well as improving linkages to local markets. This will increase households’ purchasing power, also through the establishment of income generating activities and saving and credit systems. Moreover the initiative will enable communities hit by cyclical droughts to strengthen their livelihoods and develop their resilience to climate change. The project is structured along 3 components that focus on the creation and structuring of farmers organizations, on strengthening technical and institutional capacities of the organisations’ members, their leaders and local government staff, and finally on the provision of agricultural inputs and upscale of rural development best practices. read more close

Year Committed Used
2016 - € 309,454
2015 € 315,441 € 313,631
2014 € 315,440 € 333,590
2013 € 333,590 -

Project data

  • Expected start date 17/12/2013
  • CRSID2013000272
  • Purpose III.1.a. Agriculture, Total
  • Finance type Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
  • Flow type ODA Grants
  • Bi/Multilateral Bilateral
  • Free Standing Technical Cooperation