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La riduzione della povertà attraverso lo sviluppo rurale nello Belochistan, North West Frontier Province, Aree Tribali e zone limitrofe amministrate federalmente


€ 40.000.000
€ 20.000.000


CDP - Cassa Depositi e Prestiti


recipient central government


The Programme to be financed by the Government of Italy through the Directorate General for Development Cooperation aims at contributing poverty reduction for the population of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). These provinces bordering with Afghanistan are suffering from poverty, as well as from on-going conflicts and they have to be considered the most vulnerable areas of the country. This initiative is in line with the PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper) elaborated by the Pakistani Government as guiding document for poverty reduction, and it will be based on the PPAF-III (Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund - third phase) financed by the World Bank, using the same methodology and contents, as a parallel financing. This will ensure synergy and coordination with PPAF World Bank Programme (PPAF III) and with other international bilateral/multilateral Programmes for effective use \)f resources that will lead to maximum benefit for the poor and vulnerable. Programme objective is population poverty reduction through the creation of sustainable conditions of social and economic development, including income and production capacity increase. The specific objectives of the Programme is the establishment of a social and productive infrastructure system and the establishment of an effective and sustainable social safety net. To date, after conducting situation analysis, baselines of the program districts and selection of partner organization, PPAF is implementing the 5 months phase of social mobilization. This phase entails the strengthening, empowerment and capacity building of grass root community institutions as well as community demands articulation in the form of Village and Union Council development plans. On the basis of these Village and Union Council development plans, implementation plans will be generated for the other three program outcomes. leggi tutto chiudi

Anno Impegnati Erogati
2016 - € 10.000.000
2013 - € 10.000.000
2011 € 40.000.000 -

Dati del progetto

  • CRSID2011100030
  • Scopo Altro multisettoriale
  • Tipo di finanziamento Standard loan
  • Flow type ODA Loans
  • Bi/Multilaterale Bilateral
  • Free Standing Technical Cooperation
  • Programme Based Approaches
  • Progetto di investimento

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