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Other technical assistance

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> Experts and other technical assistance

Provision, outside projects as described in "Project-type interventions", of technical assistance in recipient countries (excluding technical assistance performed by donor experts reported under "Donor country personnel", and scholarships/training in donor country). This includes training and research; language training; south-south studies; research studies; collaborative research between donor and recipient universities and organisations); local scholarships; development-oriented social and cultural programmes. This category also covers ad hoc contributions such as conferences, seminars and workshops, exchange visits, publications, etc.

Aid during the time

The variation of resources committed and paid for Bilateral and Multi-bilateral development aid


Year Committed Used
2004 0 0
2005 0 0
2006 0 0
2007 0 0
2008 0 0
2009 0 0
2010 9.606200889e+13 8.243591715e+13
2011 4.598782455e+13 4.556179472e+13
2012 2.158849e+13 1.515744e+13
2013 5.92209e+12 3.67374e+12
2014 3.2609e+12 2.52473e+12
2015 4.03034267e+12 4.11844974e+12
2016 8.98113265e+12 8.0383694e+12

Aid in numbers

Bilateral and Multi-bilateral

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Italian development projects

€ 8,981,133

Total funding committed

€ 8,038,369

Total funding used

What is it spent for?

The purpose/sector of destination of a bilateral contribution should be selected by answering the question “which specific area of the recipient’s economic or social structure is the transfer intended to foster”. The sector classification does not refer to the type of goods or services provided by the donor. Sector specific education or research activities (e.g. agricultural education) or construction of infrastructure (e.g. agricultural storage) should be reported under the sector to which they are directed, not under education, construction, etc. read more close

Who funds?

The extending agency is the government entity (central, state or local government agency or department) financing the activity from its own budget. It is the budget holder, controlling the activity on its own account. Agencies administering activities on behalf of other government entities should not be reported as extending agencies but as channels of delivery. read more close

Most funded projects

Recipient € Committed € Used
Business and Science: Leading way to sustainable energy Africa, regional 63,369 63,369
Higher Education Structures to Enhance Public Health Learning and Teaching in the Republic of Uzbekistan - UZHELTH Uzbekistan 803,780 453,423
Support higher education in Albania Albania 200,000 200,000
Karama (dignity) - toward a system respectful of human rights and people's dignity Palestine 500,000 500,000
Coordination and Technical Assistance Fund to support the Libyan Stabilization Process Libya 90,000 90,000
Support to operational needs of AICS Kabul office and development programs monitoring Afghanistan 549,456 549,456
Training course for Customs Officers and Border Police Officers Africa, regional 360,000 360,000
Training course Illicit Economy and financial flows investigations and asset recovery America, regional 86,989 86,989
Training course Law Enforcement Africa, regional 161,878 -
Training course Law Enforcement America, regional 197,506 -
Training course for strenghtening government capabilities and management of water resources in African countries Africa, regional 101,536 -
Training Course for Central African Republic Diplomats Central African Rep. 168,953 -
Training course for Cameroon Judges Cameroon 59,000 -
Serbia Flash Floods Report on the estimation of potentially flooded areas in March 2016 Serbia 50,000 50,000
Training Course for Guinea Bissau Diplomats Guinea-Bissau 53,353 -
Training course in the field of fight against corruption for Afghan officials Afghanistan 40,000 -
In loco fund - Fund for formulation, management, supervision and visibility of the program Burkina Faso 97,800 97,800
Assistance fund for the technical and administrative management of the italian development cooperation programme in Lebanon Lebanon 550,000 550,000
Assistance Fund to the technical administrative management of the projects of AICS in Giordany - Local Fund Jordan 200,000 200,000
Emergency humanitarian assistance to the population of Moptis region, with a special focus on vulnerable groups. Mali 102,000 87,501
Fight against organized crime and the laundering of drug traffic proceeds Mexico 100,000 -
Training course for Customs Officers and Border Police Officers Africa, regional 152,740 152,740
Training course Counter terrorism - crime scene and kidnapping management Africa, regional 240,000 -
Partnership for local development in Tunisia Tunisia 150,000 150,000
Strengthening HIV PMTCT and Paediatric Art services in Mozambique Mozambique 722,982 722,982
Working with the National Theater to Combat Irregular Migration in Ethiopia Ethiopia 70,000 70,000
Meetings on Peace and stability in Central African Republic Central African Rep. 80,000 -
Towards preventing school dropout and reintegrating out-of-school girls and boys in Tunisia Tunisia 1,653,460 1,653,460
Master degree course in International and cooperation sciences Developing countries, unspecified 569,162 569,162
Trust Funds for temporary contracts and consulting Developing countries, unspecified 599,067 460,891
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