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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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Aid during the time

The variation of resources committed and paid for Bilateral and Multi-bilateral development aid


Year Committed Used
2004 0 0
2005 0 0
2006 0 0
2007 0 0
2008 0 0
2009 0 0
2010 0 0
2011 0 0
2012 0 0
2013 0 0
2014 0 0
2015 0 0
2016 6.08595846914e+13 5.791457245e+13

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Italian development projects

€ 60,859,585

Total funding committed

€ 57,914,572

Total funding used

What is it spent for?

The purpose/sector of destination of a bilateral contribution should be selected by answering the question “which specific area of the recipient’s economic or social structure is the transfer intended to foster”. The sector classification does not refer to the type of goods or services provided by the donor. Sector specific education or research activities (e.g. agricultural education) or construction of infrastructure (e.g. agricultural storage) should be reported under the sector to which they are directed, not under education, construction, etc. read more close

By means of?

The typology identifies the modalities that are used in aid delivery. It classifies transfers from the donor to the first recipient of funds (e.g. the recipient country, a multilateral organisation, or a basket fund).  It does not track the end uses of the funds, which is addressed in the sector classification and to some extent through the policy objective markers. read more close

Most funded projects

Recipient € Committed € Used
Italian contribution to the ICTR Rwanda 3,328,893 3,326,355
Italian contribution to the International Criminal Court Developing countries, unspecified 17,473,412 17,473,412
contribution to the budget 2015-2016 of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Ukraine 15,515,573 15,515,573
Contribution to WWAP - UNESCO Developing countries, unspecified 2,323,097 2,323,097
Conference and seminars for young scientists. Science and Diplomacy project Africa, regional 1,450,000 1,450,000
TWAS Price;postgraduade training; advanced research; general annual conference Africa, regional 2,900,000 2,900,000
Biosafety - Education and training with courses and seminars participations South of Sahara, regional 10,169,961 10,169,961
Contributions to the monthly salaries of the Italian officers in "seconded" position to the OSC Developing countries, unspecified 2,664,000 2,664,000
Italian the Int.Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals Developing countries, unspecified 4,391,182 4,391,182
Italian contribution to the ICTY Serbia 1,021,906 1,021,906
SCHOLARSHIPS Libya 1,118,600 1,214,400
ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS Developing countries, unspecified 80,429,655 74,109,143
Evacuation of Kurdish anti- Daesh Fighters Middle East, regional 360,150 -
Humanitarian Deming in the Al Hasakeh Governorate Syria 494,000 494,000
Education and training for Syrian Youths Syria 224,903 112,451
Support to Kurdish Municipalities in Northeastern Syria and in Iraqi Kurdistan Middle East, regional 450,000 -
Bioversity International Developing countries, unspecified 2,500,000 2,500,000
Assistance physical rehabilitation programme in Afghanistan Afghanistan 500,000 500,000
Voluntary contribution to UNMAS for humanitarian demining initiative Iraq 500,000 500,000
Voluntary contribution to UNMAS for humanitarian demining initiative Sudan 250,000 250,000
Italy Africa Conference Developing countries, unspecified 347,856 347,786
Improving law enforcement and security-agencies engagement with local communities in preventing and countering violent extremism Africa, regional 300,090 -
Institutional support to G-5 Sahel Secretariat Africa, regional 410,000 -
Integration of forces process in Jubaland Somalia 350,000 350,000
Contribution to IGAD Secretariat Africa, regional 500,000 500,000
Training course for Customs Officers and Border Police Officers Africa, regional 360,000 360,000
Training course "Counter terrorism - crime scene and kidnapping management" Africa, regional 240,000 -
Trust Fund in support of peace and security in Mali Mali 510,942 -
Implementation of the Corporate Governance Action Plan (CGAP) for KESH (Korporatea Elektroenergjitike Shqiptare Sh.A) Albania 300,000 -
Independent System Operator of Bosnia and Herzegovina ‐ Consultant for the Project Implementation Unit Bosnia-Herzegovina 400,000 -
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