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Other in-donor expenditures

Groups a number of contributions that do not give rise to a cross-border flow.

Aid during the time

The variation of resources committed and paid for Bilateral and Multi-bilateral development aid


Year Committed Used
2004 0 0
2005 0 0
2006 2.023410858e+11 62,744,299,708
2007 4.057906657e+13 3.335396608e+13
2008 1.115482845e+13 1.176094771e+13
2009 3.95462013e+12 4.36769121e+12
2010 5.61538796e+12 8.42278437e+12
2011 4.1286396783e+14 3.7910696576e+14
2012 1.7898963e+14 2.1183689e+14
2013 3.0695524e+14 3.0608433e+14
2014 6.3739765e+14 6.3548349e+14
2015 9.6207858345e+14 8.8791670162e+14
2016 1.5711116052e+15 1.50683051264e+15

Aid in numbers

Bilateral and Multi-bilateral


Italian development projects

€ 0

Total funding committed

€ 0

Total funding used