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Local administration

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All Italian local authorities (regions, provinces, municipalities)

Aid during the time

The variation of resources committed and paid for Bilateral and Multi-bilateral development aid


Year Committed Used
2004 3.653772511e+13 2.8097843601e+13
2005 2.618330714e+13 1.55658986675e+13
2006 2.91805436755e+13 2.69729143064e+13
2007 1.885285685e+13 1.6623988652e+13
2008 3.9373448972e+13 2.45692185224e+13
2009 3.464026635e+13 2.33664011e+13
2010 2.039567867e+13 2.246149603e+13
2011 2.041986853e+13 1.53147086e+13
2012 1.967357e+13 1.017049e+13
2013 1.767597e+13 1.423154e+13
2014 1.734638e+13 1.406924e+13
2015 1.941788667e+13 1.907103284e+13
2016 1.771922374e+13 1.514883103e+13

Aid in numbers

Bilateral and Multi-bilateral

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Italian development projects

€ 19,673,570

Total funding committed

€ 10,170,490

Total funding used

What is it spent for?

The purpose/sector of destination of a bilateral contribution should be selected by answering the question “which specific area of the recipient’s economic or social structure is the transfer intended to foster”. The sector classification does not refer to the type of goods or services provided by the donor. Sector specific education or research activities (e.g. agricultural education) or construction of infrastructure (e.g. agricultural storage) should be reported under the sector to which they are directed, not under education, construction, etc. read more close

By means of?

The typology identifies the modalities that are used in aid delivery. It classifies transfers from the donor to the first recipient of funds (e.g. the recipient country, a multilateral organisation, or a basket fund).  It does not track the end uses of the funds, which is addressed in the sector classification and to some extent through the policy objective markers. read more close

Most funded projects

Recipient € Committed € Used
From the land and the life' - Creation of a center for rural entrepreneurship development and strengthening of human and social capital around the farms Salesian Shasha (North Kivu) and Nyangoma (South Kivu). Congo, Dem. Rep. 250,000 32,150
Project without name Developing countries, unspecified 148,260 103,780
Project without name Mozambique 133,550 66,780
Project without name Peru 190,000 95,000
Project without name Peru 190,000 95,000
Enhancement of municipal solid waste in Zanzibar: the social enterprise for the development of the plastics recycled. Tanzania 248,330 31,930
Local economies and protecting biodiversity: development of responsible tourism and promotion of agro-food products in the basin of the River Pier. Kenya 247,180 31,780
Food and rights - socio-economic development and supporting productive activities in the district of Ankober (Ethiopia). Ethiopia 159,990 20,570
Strengthening the capacity and development of environmentally sustainable practices in farmers most vulnerable residents in the district of Siraro, Oromia, Ethiopia'. Ethiopia 156,430 20,110
Development of local production, promotion and marketing of flour food supplement to combat child malnutrition in the provinces of Kadiogo, Boulkiemd? and Oubritenga (Burkina Faso). Burkina Faso 250,000 32,150
Protection of biodiversity and Agricultural Development in the District of Jalgaon (India)re India 150,000 150,000
Project without name Albania 189,300 94,650
Farming techniques, indigenous production and environmental protection: a proposal for a pilot eco-sustainable development in Albania Albania 189,300 189,300
Not only coca diversification of agricultural production and processing of tropical Bolivia. Bolivia 160,000 51,430
Project without name Congo, Dem. Rep. 159,990 -
Cocoa and huertas - Protection of endangered species of cocoa sabor arriba Ecuador 155,050 155,060
Project without name Ecuador 155,050 77,530
Renewable energy biodigesters in Apurimac. Peru 221,630 70,720
Project without name India 150,000 75,000
Project without name Developing countries, unspecified 283,820 159,750
Intervention to protect biodiversity in the Biosphere Reserve Rio San Juan - Department of Rio San Juan Nicaragua 180,540 180,540
Flat safety: improving agricultural productivity for own consumption family benefit rural communities living in the towns of Hinche (D?partement du Centre), Haiti 149,960 74,980
Support to small farmers agro-ecological region of Piura in Per?. Peru 159,990 20,600
Promotion of integrated and sustainable economic development of the vulnerable population in Lango, Northern Uganda. Uganda 157,000 20,190
Sementes de sustentabilidade: Strengthening Community food chains in northern Brazil. Brazil 227,150 29,140
Cultures and cultures of Morocco: from tradition to innovation for socio-economic development of the territory. Morocco 159,300 20,480
Mount Meru Sustainable Land'': a 'social enterprise for the production of horticultural quality', food security and the protection of the territory in the area of Mount Meru. Tanzania 249,960 32,140
KICASOBU - Kinshasa Catering Social Business. Congo, Dem. Rep. 231,400 29,750
Tecnical assistance in identified sector in Beirut Southern Suburbs Lebanon 416,500 393,500
AMAZON PROJECT - 'Sustainable economic - development of the forest' Brazil 406,198 427,861
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