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Local administration

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All Italian local authorities (regions, provinces, municipalities)

Aid during the time

The variation of resources committed and paid for Bilateral and Multi-bilateral development aid


Year Committed Used
2004 3.653772511e+13 2.8097843601e+13
2005 2.618330714e+13 1.55658986675e+13
2006 2.91805436755e+13 2.69729143064e+13
2007 1.885285685e+13 1.6623988652e+13
2008 3.9373448972e+13 2.45692185224e+13
2009 3.464026635e+13 2.33664011e+13
2010 2.039567867e+13 2.246149603e+13
2011 2.041986853e+13 1.53147086e+13
2012 1.967357e+13 1.017049e+13
2013 1.767597e+13 1.423154e+13
2014 1.734638e+13 1.406924e+13
2015 1.941788667e+13 1.907103284e+13
2016 1.771922374e+13 1.514883103e+13

Aid in numbers

Bilateral and Multi-bilateral

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Italian development projects

€ 17,719,224

Total funding committed

€ 15,148,831

Total funding used

What is it spent for?

The purpose/sector of destination of a bilateral contribution should be selected by answering the question “which specific area of the recipient’s economic or social structure is the transfer intended to foster”. The sector classification does not refer to the type of goods or services provided by the donor. Sector specific education or research activities (e.g. agricultural education) or construction of infrastructure (e.g. agricultural storage) should be reported under the sector to which they are directed, not under education, construction, etc. read more close

By means of?

The typology identifies the modalities that are used in aid delivery. It classifies transfers from the donor to the first recipient of funds (e.g. the recipient country, a multilateral organisation, or a basket fund).  It does not track the end uses of the funds, which is addressed in the sector classification and to some extent through the policy objective markers. read more close

Most funded projects

Recipient € Committed € Used
Golfo di Fonseca: a model of sustainable development America, regional 317,234 380,822
"DO!" - Facilities' Advancement and Referral Enhancement Africa, regional 200,000 150,000
Strengthening of he hospital and community health services for mother and child in Senegal(second year). Senegal 360,000 138,750
Ensuring access to assisted delivery through effective public-private relationship Uganda 260,000 195,000
Support for the improvement of the health condition of the population of the Bolivian Chaco Bolivia 188,671 141,502
Caffè corretto: promotion of young enterpreneurship in agricoltural sectors and in particolar in coffee production. Peru 100,000 100,000
Syria emergency: support to the syrian popolutation in war effected areas Syria 200,000 200,000
SILK4FVG Central Asia, regional 110,000 88,000
secondary school for boys Sang-e moom in Nili, Daikundi Afghanistan 181,300 181,300
Support to the network of primary health services in Tunisia and the Palestinian Territories Middle East, regional 150,000 112,500
Lot II: restructuring of the school Albania 130,000 91,000
Seed the future: promotion of security food in order to improve maternal and childish health in the Mourrumbene District. Mozambique 100,000 100,000
Feed the future in Shan State of Myanmar. Myanmar 100,000 100,000
Food sostenible production in dry and semi-dry lands, by means of local authorities and improvement of childish nutrition in Migori County. Kenya 99,900 99,900
Badilisha-Change: to oppose drug and alcohol addiction in Kenya by promoting a change in a local community Kenya 239,117 34,965
Providing Winter Assistance to the Syrian Refugees in Jordan Jordan 140,000 98,000
Development of family farming Vietnam 190,696 47,674
Network for sustainable development and production as well as commercial innovation of Aloe Vera producers Jordan 239,841 59,960
New energies for Haiti: rural development model in Central Plateau Haiti 138,497 48,951
With both feet on the ground – Social farming for the redemption of children at risk Ecuador 233,375 91,465
Promotion of food security and healthiness among the nomadic Tibetan communities in Chengduo County. China 117,134 34,719
Back to life Brazil 146,292 38,477
Mozambique in Trentino 2.0 Mozambique 350,000 245,000
Training new craftsmen to guarantee employment and future for youth Palestine 135,453 46,317
Faculty of mountain climbing and surfing in Bolivia Bolivia 115,499 35,219
We give a future to Yazidi community Iraq 200,000 160,000
Education: a passport for the future Uganda 150,000 25,000
Support municipalities affected by the Syrian crisis through strenghening social stability and training Lebanon 105,000 105,000
Food smart cities for development Developing countries, unspecified 155,220 155,220
Awareness raising in a local and global context Developing countries, unspecified 106,005 106,005
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